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100 Kr discount for new customers


Gel Nails
450 - 600 Kr

(new customers) 350 kr.

(with extension +100 kr.)

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Filling up
450 - 600 kr

100 Kr discount for new customers

Removal of material
50 - 300 Kr

(in connection with new treatment)

Shellak Nails
350 - 500 Kr

New set of natural Shellak gel nails.

300 Kr

(Consists of a hand bath, treatment of cuticles, polish the nails shiny, file them in a nice shape. Finishes with nail oil and massage.)

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Shellac/Gel nails on feet
500 Kr

Beautiful feet with long-lasting results (can last up to 3 months)

Acrylic nails
650 - 700 Kr

(Extension extra 100 kr.)

Regarding booking an appointment please contact us
+45 228 66 888

Get 100 Kr Discount For New Customers

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Save Up to 50% for new customers

Get 100 Kr off immediately for new customers. Many attractive incentives for loyal customers. The fifth time you visit us, you get a 25% discount on your treatment


3 week guarantee against lifting gel nails

That’s right, we guarantee that with proper prep and appropriate nail service Silicone Thin Base will eliminate your lifting issues.

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We use IBD and O•P•I as our products

Some of the best and leading products on the market. Your nails are in good hands with each nail set detailed according to your personal wishes

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Book an Appointment


Serves free drinks

At Lisa Nails, we offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy our transformative spa and salon services. Coming to Lisa Nails, customers will be served free drinks including tea, coffee, etc. The spacious and airy waiting space will bring you relaxing moments.

Delicious drinks, beautiful space, free Wifi will help you feel comfortable. Your satisfaction is the driving force for Lisa Nails to develop further in the future


Lisa Nails

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of uor graduates


I had an appointment and they asked me to come back the next day but I couldn’t because I was leaving early the next morning. They actually stayed past their closing time just to get my nails done, which I very much appreciated. 

Nicole J / Frederiksberg

Everyone here is fantastic at doing nails. I get mani-pedis done regularly and they never disappoint. I love that they’re open until 9 pm and same day service is always available. The space is nice and Salon have free drinks. Nice!!!

Melanie S / Copenhagen

My mother and I received dip manicures and pedicures and had a fantastic experience. The owner, Lisa, is warm and welcoming. Our technicians were skilled and gentle. We will definitely return!

Elena / Copenhagen
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Frequently asked questions

How long will a basic manicure or pedicure last?

A basic manicure or pedicure will last one to two weeks, depending on your lifestyle and the type of service you’ve had. If, for example, you work in the garden without gloves, your manicure probably won’t last long. Artificial nail services, such as acrylics, tips, wraps and gels maintain their fresh appearance much longer as they are more durable.

Gels and acrylics are similar in that they both can be used to extend the length of the nails and make them stronger. One advantage of gel services is that they are odorless and transparent. Like acrylic, gels can be applied over the natural nail or over artificial nail tips.

As the gel or artificial nail is placed on your natural nails, your natural nails will continue to grow. Depending on the growth rate of your natural nails, the gel layer or your artificial nails will need to be re-treated. Usually the interval is 3 to 4 weeks.

We disinfect and sterilize using only the methods prescribed by the Ministry of Health. After a thorough scrub with a disinfectant and water, all used instruments go through a medical grade instrument washer that uses a strong chemical disinfectant. Once washed, all instruments are then packaged in sterilization pouches and run through our autoclave. During our nails services, we employ one time use wooden spatulas, nail brushes, nail buffer pads and spacers.

We NEVER re-use them. Our spa towels are replaced in between clients and are washed with bleach. Our environment well ventilated and all services stations are cleaned multiple times throughout the day, and always in-between clients. All nail polish applications are performed using our hygienic method of pouring the base coat, top coat and colour into individual bottles and one time use nail polish brushes. 

WE DO NOT SHARE nail polish or brushes! We take pride in our spotless spa atmosphere and it is our pleasure to provide you with treatments that are, not only fabulous and long lasting, but also safe. Relax, you’re in good hands.

We use IBD and O•P•I as our products